Area where shipping is possible even under the influence of COVID-19

Added countries that resumed shipping on September 11.(South America / Africa)
Please check the following.

The following areas can be shipped under the influence of COVID-19.

【Asia】Korea / Singapore / Thailand / Taiwan / China / Malaysia / Hong Kong / Indonesia / Vietnam

【North and Central America】Canada / ※①Mexico(See below)

【Oceania】New Zealand

【Europe】※①United Kingdom(See below) / Germany / France / Netherlands / Switzerland /Estonia / Austria / Croatia / Sweden / Spain / Slovenia / Czech Republic / Denmark / Norway / Hungary / Bulgaria / Belgium / Poland / Portugal / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Italy / Iceland / Finland / Monaco

【South America / Africa】Ecuador / Gabon / Cote d'Ivoire / Ghana / Tanzania / Togo / Nigeria / Madagascar / Mauritius / Kenya / South Africa

Due to the effects of COVID-19, there are also delays in the above areas.
Thank you for your understanding.

Also,When you place an order from the country of shipping stop, please wait for a while now because we will send the shipping procedure sequentially as soon as shipment becomes possible.

※①United Kingdom / Mexico ・・・・It is expected that it will take around 3 weeks to mount on an aircraft.
July 3 (new information)

※ We will start the delivery procedure sequentially to customers who are waiting for shipment.
We will contact you again when the shipment is complete, so please be patient.