Please read before ordering

We are dealing with old clothes(vintage) Product of soccer jerseys. (Inventory number of each item 1 point)

Because states are different each, the old clothes product (vintage) lists detailed contents and photograph,There is the product which is hard to be reflected among them.

In addition, a good state and listed item and Plastic material are used items, but there may be damage such as the stickiness by the aged deterioration of the Plastic material.

If you want to know in detail the condition , please contact us from the inquiry.

Inquiry Form

Further our staff does the check careful selection will be, and it's indicated on the explanation of goods as much as possible, but please accept that there is a possibility with the connivance for Old clothes item(vintage).

Please examine it after an old clothes product (vintage) and understanding.

Specifically, please see "about the state of the soccer jerseys".

Please enjoy shopping on a reading by the following contents on the occasion of the use by all means.
We wait than the visit of all of you, a heart.

Business day

Open: everyday throughout the year.
New Year , you may want to rest the shipping business , but I will inform you in advance.

Contact after your order

The notification from an order to shipment completion becomes three email communication from our store.

1, (automatic email): After ordering , we will send in an automatic e-mail.
2, (your order confirmation email): Then, we will let you know your order confirmation e-mail including the detailed content.
3, (Contact commodity shipping): After settlement procedure confirmation, we send out a product. (less than three days)
After shipment, we will inform you by a shipment completion email.

When an email does not arrive

When an order is completed, an automatic email is sent just after that.
In where an automatic email does not reach, the input error of the e-mail address or domain designation is thought about.

After completing your order , please contact us always those who do not receive a variety of e-mail within 24 hours.

Please contact Inquiry Form or

Cancellation / returned goods

Please understand that we will not accept cancellation in any case for international orders. 

Because all the handling products of our store cannot do returned goods, exchange, the cancellation for the old clothes (vintage) of the one point thing, please understand it.
Also, We refuse cancellation of a self- convenience.(Such as ... that takes time than I thought until the goods arrive)

In principle, cancellation or exchange of goods was ordered once , we have refused.
After checking size, a state, the details of the product, please advance to the procedure of the order.

In addition, there is a Guarantee by the JP POST for the trouble of damage during shipping.
Click here for details.

All returns by the circumstances of the customer will be paid by the customer.