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Please note that customs duties may apply depending on the country and purchase conditions.

(Changes to the purchase amount or refunds after purchase are not possible)
Thank you very much for always using our shop.

Due to circumstances, we will not be able to update the product for a while.
Thank you for your understanding.
We will contact you again when it resumes.
Thank you very much.

In addition, please use it if it is good because shipment is done as usual.

I have been hacked the other day, our Instagram account ......
We have created a new account, so thank you at that time.
The area that can be shipped daily will change.
Also, please consider that areas that cannot be shipped by EMS can be shipped by DHL.

DHL can be shipped worldwide.
Delivery by DHL is also available.
If you wish to deliver by DHL, please describe in the remarks column when ordering.

DHL supports deliveries to more than 228 countries and territories worldwide, enabling you to deliver packages to any location in the world.

※Areas that cannot be shipped by DHL [Russian Federation / Ukraine]

Responses to countries that cannot be shipped by EMS (Japan Post)

Due to COVID-19 and the world situation, EMS (Japan Post) cannot be shipped in some countries.


Therefore, we propose a plan for countries that cannot be shipped by EMS.

How about shipping in DHL?
Please read the following for the details of DHL usage.


We are responsible for the difference in shipping costs incurred by DHL.
(※In the event of a customs duty, you will be at your expense.)

【Notes on DHL shipping】
Since DHL is a private company, it is more often caught by tariffs than EMS (Japan Post/Country).
In the event of customs duties, the price is the same as DHL and EMS, but please consider that.

We regret to inform you that the customs duty will be borne by the customer.

When ordering from a country where shipping is not possible, please state "DHL hope" when ordering.

I would appreciate it if you could consider.